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    Dear Coldnetwork,

    Im sorry for this delayed revamp for skyblock. Normally we were going to release it this weekend but we decided to release it next weekend to make it a PERFECT release. So Skyblock will be released on 22 Jun 4 pm CEST.

    What is it going to have as feature?

    • Kill Streaks and its rewards:
    To make pvp alive we decided to add kill streaks and rewards. The rewards will be worth achieving. Also we will be adding a competition about kill streak.

    • PvP Arena
    PvP Arena will be at /Warp.

    • New Crate
    Voucher crate is going to be added.

    • KOTH
    We are going to have new crate called KOTH. You can only get this key by winning the KOTH event. KOTH will be at PvP Arena.

    • In Game Ranks Edit
    Im going to change in game rank names ( not completely ) and add/remove some commands from them.

    • BuyCraft Edit
    We are going to make BuyCraft more balanced, optional and attractive.

    • New Eco ( Balanced )
    As you all know current skyblock eco is so easy/broken almost everyone got 1 million in 3 days and many people had 30+ iron golems. This map's eco is going to be more balanced and kinda hard. Also Im going to make many ways to earn money this map so non donators will be able to go for competitions.

    • Donator Mine + Normal Mine
    We are going to keep those 2 mines. We will nerf donator mine too of course since its too op.

    • New Kits/Crates/Starter Islands/Starter Stuff/Challenges/Reclaim
    There isnt much i can say about this but kits will not give armors since you guys didnt like it so instead of armors kits will give useful blocks etc.
    • Quests
    In addition to challenges we are also going to have quests to make game play less boring for you all.

    • Surpise block + farm
    The surprise block ( soulsand and its farm thing netherward ) is staying

    • Custom Achievements
    In addition to minecraft's original achievements we will be having custom achievements and rewards such as walk 1000 blocks reward: 64 diamond blocks etc.

    • Custom Enchantments
    We nerfed many custom enchantments this map but you guys didnt like it so we are going to allow these custom enchantments back.

    • Mcmmo
    Mcmmo will be in this map too + we are allowing pvp mcmmo.

    • New Mob Drops
    We are going to add new mob drops to enchance variety of farms.
    Custom Mob Drops:

    Ocelot: Gold
    Slime: Emerald
    Guardian: Diamond
    Bat: Iron
    Mooshroom: Redstone
    Witch: Diamond
    Silverfish: Iron
    Entermite: Iron
    Villager: Emerald

    • Farm Stuff will be worth selling
    To make gameplay more fair for the people who are not able to support the server we will be making farm stuff such as sugar cane, apple, cactus etc worth more than usual.

    • Custom Potions
    Custom Potions will be a thing in this map ( exp: Speed II potion for 8 mins , Speed IV potion for 2 mins ) Also in addition to this haste and nausea potions will be added.

    • Enchantment signs
    Enchantment signs will be in shop so that you will be able to enchant your weapon/tool/armor using the sign ( of course with in game money )

    • /Hug - /Marry /bag will be added

    • Custom Cobblestone Generators
    From now on whenever you make a cobble gen it will have the chance of mining ores 25% cobble, 10% iron ore, 10% gold ore, 250% stone, 10% diamond ore, 10% emerald ore, 5% diamond block, 5% emerald block

    • Leader Boards - Stats

    • Private chests
    You will be able to lock your chest.

    • Clans will be added

    • A special block that is effective at island level.
    We will be setting a block which boosts island level more than diamond/gold blocks.

    • Removing custom enchantment limit on weapons/tools/armors.

    • Public Grinder
    Once again to make it fair for non donators we will be having Public Grinder too

    • Experience Bottle

    • Chest Shop

    • Crazy Enchantments

    • Better hopper system
    We also have few features planned which are going to be surprise for you guys. If you want to see come & check on release ;) Trust me it will worth.

    PS: More info will be given about skyblock in few days. + Trailer video is coming soon!


    Cold Network Staff Team.
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    2,242 better be. Was let down last time when I wasn't able to kiss my homies.
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    It better worth
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    I don't know about this Update.
    Lets see if the Deplay is Worth
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    what is the reward for /is top and topkills?
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    seems to be nice i will be there :)
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