Dear Cold-Network,

Sorry for making this so late I was gonna do it yesterday but I completely forgot!

Map information:
- 8 Mans, no allies
- Prot 2, Sharp 2
- World Border: 1500 (To see if it makes it more exciting)
- No bugs
- Scheduled koth's
- more


Dear Cold-Network,

Today I'll be making a thread of what is ahead of us the coming weeks.

A few days ago Qrtz__ messaged me he wanted to sponsor a giveaway, which is really nice of him so I will accept it, multiply the money and do a giveaway out of it. I was thinking of doing a giveaway with a lot of winners, so that's why I decided to giveaway 200 euros in total, which will result in 8x 25Euro worth of credit in the webstore (Sales are not allowed!, so original value of your basket.).

To enter just comment your ign below this thread!

We'll be doing another SOTW saturday 4PM CEST we'll just be having a new map thread on this soon.

I know it's really delayed but a week ago I was ill and didn't feel like working on cold bcs of that, so I decided to just keep it silent until I feel comfortable setting a release date again, sorry guys..

OPSkyBlock > SkyBlock
So here I am again, thinking of making it non op again, we have a lot of features in mind and I just really think it will fit more in regular skyblock. You guys can vote on that here:


Dear Cold-Network,

We announce a lot of things in our discord too, so if you want to stay up-to-date without being on the forums a lot join our discord!

I just want to make a quick announcement before starting on kitmap, from now on rank-transfers are NO LONGER allowed.
- Name changes will result in a complete new account, we can't support it due to being cracked
- If for any reason you lose access to your premium account, or change the name as said above you'll have to use a cracked launcher to use your old account and keep playing like before, under no circumstances will rank-transfers be given. (Maybe top-donators because they earned themselves some privileges.)
I strongly advise TLauncher (Click) as a cracked launcher as it works flawlessly. (No server list touching, no saved account touching which logs you off of your accounts in your premium launcher)

Now for kitmap, here's the info about it:
- 15 Man factions
- New styled warzone
- New structures
- New koths
(Above things thanks to @Willemcross and @Kai )
- Optimizations
- Donator ranks back in crates
Dear ColdNetwork,

After months have passed it was a good time to do a practice reset, we added some new things and an economy system which we'll be adding more stuff to later, right now you can just do /shop to buy 3 permissions.

Here's the features from Practice 3.0:
- New Lobby with hidden players to boost performance.
- New KB and Hit Detection
- New Arenas for all ladders, besides builduhc.
- Added back the Juggernaut & KoTH event.
- Economy system which we will improve later on, suggestions are welcome!
- New Donator rank called Ultra, which can host juggernaut and koth events. This rank has no cooldowns on anything (even events)
- New Ladders: Bedwars, Parkour and Quick Nodebuff
- Divisions, based on global elo. You now have a tag behind ur name indicating your global elo's division. To see all of these divisions and their ranks do /ranks!
- Different Anticheat
Dear Cold-Network,

Make sure to make use of the 40% OFF sale which is live right now!

I'll be going over some small topics here:
Factions End
Ban Reset
Ping/Lag issues yesterday

Factions End:

As the server is kinda dead right now, I think it's best to just remove it from the network for now until we decide on what to do with it. Tomorrow on 7PM CEST the final payouts will be checked, and after that the Faction owners will get contacted to receive their coupons.

Ban Reset:
We decided to do a Ban Reset for the 2.0 month, but because of the ping/lag issues of yesterday, I thought it was good to do it today to like compensate for it.

Ping/Lag issues yesterday:
Right now, I'm paying 42 euros a month for just the proxy (a dedicated server). It's that cheap because I can avoid taxes on a website, but I decided to switch to a cheaper solution (not a dedicated server like now) but this unfortunately couldn't handle the players. So I switched back to the old host instantly, sorry for the inconvenience yesterday.


Dear ColdNetwork,

To start off 2.0, I'll be doing a 40% OFF sale in

We're releasing map 3 tomorrow at 7PM CEST
Click here for a countdown

Here's the info about the map:
- MapKit: Sharp 1, Prot 1
- Factions Limit, 6-Man and 1 ally
- Actual scheduled koth's, command will be /schedule
- New Spawn and overworld


Dear ColdNetwork,

First of all, my apologies for the lack of threads and updates. I'll tell you the current state and future of coldnetwork in this thread. Trust me, it will be good :)
I will keep this thread short, and write release threads before the releases of the given gamemodes below.

Check out the staff irl btw!

Current State:
Right now it is lacking quality updates, I know. This will change, I'll get in to this later in the thread.
I am right now doing an internship irl (basically working for a company, but because it's required from school. So first of all it's not a long-term thing, second of all you don't get paid or if you get paid (which I do luckily) it's not a lot) which makes me at the job from 9 am in the morning until 5pm.
Which isn't that big of a deal, but I also have to drive for 45 minutes which on a bad day keeps me from home from 8am until 6pm. Now here's the real problem for cold, after sitting behind a pc coding all day (web development) it kinda leaves me demotivated for the rest of the day and even the weekend sometimes.
But this changed, I realised this is bullshit and I have to just work for cold.

I don't know if I want to do an HCF reset, so I'll be starting vote on the discord ( #vote-channel whether we should do SOTW saturday (yes I can make it without delays, it doesn't take that long to setup no worries).

Which is why me and the management decided to do a 2.0:
The whole month of october we'll be pushing quality updates, a ban reset, sales and giveaways. It will start saturday the 29th of september (xd)
This will be the schedule:
- Saturday the 29th of september: Practice revamp (Economy system, new kb, new anticheat, new lobby, new arenas + more)
- Saturday the 6th of october: KitMap reset (Possible new features added, fixes, new warzone, etc)
- Saturday the 13th of october:...
Dear ColdNetwork,

Here are the giveaway results of the giveaway that launched in late august:

1st (100 euro worth of store credit)

2nd (50 euro worth of store credit)

3rd (25 euro worth of store credit)
You'll be pm'ed with how to redeem your rewards!


Dear ColdNetwork,

We're releasing map 2 tomorrow at 7PM CEST
Click here for a countdown

Here's the info about the map:
- MapKit: Sharp 1, Prot 1
- Factions Limit, 6-Man and 1 ally
- Actual scheduled koth's sorry! command will be /schedule
- New Spawn and overworld
- New Glowstone mountain system, fully fixed + broadcasts!
- Hidden players in spawn to improve fps and server performance (only on sotw)
- Bug fixes
- and more!


For tomorrow's release I'm just gonna list all features I can think of right here:

Click here

- Nether and End filled with netherrack and sandstone until y 100, with flat bedrock on all worlds
- WorldBorders fully patched up like no pearling mob spawning etc:
world border: 7500x7500 (15k blocks wide)
nether border: 2500x2500 (5k blocks wide)
end border: 5000x5000 (10k blocks wide)
- Improved kits
- Revamped ingame ranks
- Revamped donator ranks
- Cool new spawn
- Simple Nether & End Spawn
- Water placeable in nether so you can make bases there.
- Minimal custom enchants (Custom enchants that do not effect combat way too much but just slightly)
- Slightly reduced world borders
- McMMO, 250 limit on axes/swords and NO unarmed. (You get mcmmo from spawners!)
- Better gen bucket (horizontal and vertical)
- /f vault
- /f tnt
- /f fly
- Improved menus
- A cannon jar which means raiding is a thing. Raiding and claiming and base defensive will also have their own rules.
- Revamped buycraft store and cheaper things.
- Revamped gkits
- Way easier economy.
- Koths
- New end and nether and trench pickaxes
- Wands (lighting Wands sell Wands harvester Wands etc)
- Better way to calculate f top.
- Revamped crates
- Bug fixes
- More