KitPvP maintenance! Could take up to a few hours
Hey guys !
From now on we will not punish for swearing. Swearing is allowed but Not player disrespect !
Examples which show that you will not be punished for: (Sry for the curse but i had to put that as example so people will know about it)

Someone1 has been killed by someone2

Someone1: Fuck ... / shit / fk / crap

we will not punish for this^

But if we see something like this:

Someone1: F***k you Someone2!
We will punish for this^
Thanks for reading,
Have a good day/night.

Hello everyone :)
We have disccussed about adding a new rule for the YouTubers,
From now on Every YouTuber will have to upload atleast 1 video per week about Cold Network. Every YouTuber who doesn't follow this rule, he will get 1/1 first time, if he will fail again he will be demoted :(
P.s We have made that rule so YouTubers will have to be active and not just upload few videos to get that rank and then enjoy the permissions.

With kind regards, Roman :)
Dear Cold Network Community,

Tomorrow at 17:00 ( GMT+2 ) we are going to do rank give away!

Which ranks will be given;


* Snow

* Glacier

Tnt Run;

* Donator

* Donator

Kit PvP;

* Kronos

* Ares

Op SkyBlock;

* SkyTitan

* SkyPro

Dont forget to be online at the time :) Good luck for everyone

Dear Cold-Network community,

We have officialy released Tnt Run! Check it out :)
Hey everyone ! Just wanted to let you know about our new rule;
now on you are Not allowed to farm Money / kills with your friend / alt, that means that if you and your friend made a deal about getting kills / exp by jumping and the other one killing you you will get punished, the first step of the staff member is warning you 1/1 and if you keep doing that he will ban you only from Kit-PvP for 3 hours (so you will be able to play on op skyblock and factions).
Have a nice day, Roman:)
Dear Cold-Network community,

We have officialy released Kit-PvP! The Features are listed Below:

  • Castles
  • Crate GUI
  • KoTH (Already in factions but now in Kit-PvP aswell)
  • Non-donator ranks
  • And more!


We added Castles, it basically is like an apartment you get. You have chests to store things in, an enchantment table to enchant and brewingstands with unlimited waterbottles.

The idea of this is like a plot, you can make potions there store your stuff and chill with your friends.
They can be bought for 3000$ at /warp castles

This will be a new system of crates/keys, we will NOT use keys from now on! (We will add this in OPSkyBlock and Factions soon) we now have a menu which can be opened with /crate menu where you can access all your crates etc to open a crate simply click on the crate you like (A crate is a paper) and then press the diamondblock to open it! you can ignore the whole key part because we're not using keys anymore.

Most of you probably know what KoTH is but I'll explain it really quick, there's one KoTH in the map which is in the pyramid and it can be captured by standing on the red area for 2 minutes, you will get a KoTH crate which can be opened in /crate menu.

Non-Donator ranks
We have ranks that can be achieved by Kit-PvP XP. You get XP by kills you make on players. These non-donator ranks have the following commands:

Starter: -
Survivor: -
Soldier: /pv 1 (1 row)
Warrior: /pv 1 (3 rows)
Pro: /nv (Toggles nightvision)
King: /pv 1 (Full pv 6 rows)
Lord: -
Hero: /pv 1 and 2
Legend: Talk in colours
God: /enderchest
Relentless: /me

From now on
when you report a succesfull suggestion/bug you will receive;

- A weekly key on Factions or premium on Op Skyblock

- Advantage on getting staff

- %3 special discount on donation store
From now on it is against our rules to sell stuff/ranks/accounts for real money!
Which means:

  • Selling in-game currency or stuff for real life money is not allowed!
  • Selling your or someone else his account for real life money is not allowed!
This will result in an account removal or a punishment similar to that.
Koths have been added to Factions ;)

You can receive cool rewards by winning KOTH :)

Possible Rewards;

-8 ig spawners
-64 gapples
-64 diamond blocks
-8 nether stars
-God Sword
-God Bow
-Stacks of obsidian
-Streght III for 30sec
-Speed III for 30sec
-FireAspect III sword

-Sharp VI Sword
-Unbreaking IV piece of armor

-Fire 3 axe
-Smite 5 Axe
-Efficiency 6 Pickaxe
-Efficiency 5 Pickaxe

-1- Premium Key
-4 Weekly Key

PS: More in game ranks will be applied to the game today!